Sewerage connections

Unitywater can assist you with sewerage connections, disconnections or re-locations.

If you are building a new house or want to connect to the town sewerage system, you require two approvals:

  1. New sewerage connection approval; followed by a
  2. Plumbing compliance permit (from your local council).

How to apply for a new sewerage connection

  1. Read the Connections Policy to determine what type of sewerage connection you require
    • If you require a standard connection login to My Account using your general sundry account and lodge your standard connection request or complete the Standard connection request form – water and sewerage (PDF). 
    • If you require a connection other than standard please complete the Connection application (other than standard) form and email to with supporting documentation
  2. The Development Sevices team will assess your application and provide a decision. More information on the assessment process
  3. After you receive your approval decision from Development Services please complete the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Private Works Application (PDF) and submit to for a quote.

Application process

Following is a step-by-step guide to the application process for connections, alterations to a connection, construction works approved in an earlier approval, or disconnection to Unitywater’s water supply and/or sewerage infrastructure.






How to apply for a plumbing compliance permit with council

To obtain a plumbing compliance permit, please contact the plumbing department within your local council on the links below.

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Sunshine Coast Council

Noosa Council

In sewerage areas, each property is provided with one connection point. For properties where the sewer runs outside the lot, the connection will be somewhere on the property boundary nearest to the sewer. For properties with sewers running through the lot, the connection is via a manhole or along the length of the sewer.

If you aren’t sure whether your property has a connection point, you can request an Infrastructure Plan using My Account for more detail. These plans show the location of all the pipes and mains installed when the house was built. 

To find out whether your area has sewerage mains, or if the mains can be extended from a nearby development site, please contact us.

Any new connection that requires sewer mains to be built or replaced, manholes altered or sewer junctions amended will need to be quoted individually. Please complete the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Private Works Application (PDF) and submit to Unitywater.

Additional connection points

In limited circumstances, you may be able to request a second connection point for your property. Unitywater's preference is that this connection is made to the existing house drain. Fees and charges may apply. Contact us for further information.

Connections in new developments

In new subdivisions and developments, the developer is usually responsible for managing the construction of the sewer mains, under the supervision of Unitywater.

Any faults or maintenance requirements during the first 12 months are managed by the developer. After this time, Unitywater takes over the responsibility for maintenance of the sewerage system.

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Disconnections associated with demoliton works will be carried out by the plumbing department at your local Council. You can contact them direct on the website links below.

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Sunshine Coast Council

Noosa Council

All properties in sewered areas must be connected to the town sewerage system. Residents cannot disconnect and use alternative treatment systems in sewered areas. 

Please note: In line with the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008, it is an offence to interfere with a public sewer or manhole and penalties may apply.


If you are renovating or rebuilding and your plans are likely to interfere with the sewer connection point, you can have it relocated to a more suitable position on your property.

To identify the existing pipe locations for water supply and sewerage on your property, please request an Infrastructure Plan plan through My Account.

Next steps

  • Please contact Unitywater to request an application for the relocation of your sewer connection.
  • Submit your application form with the hydraulic plans from your builder to unitywater.
  • Unitywater will visit the property, assess the work required and provide you with a quote.
  • You will then need to pay the amount stated in the quote to Unitywater.
  • Unitywater will liaise with you to schedule the work and discuss the timeframe for completion.

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