Saving water

Ensuring our region manages water sustainably is a priority for Unitywater. Find out how you can save water in these pages.

Water restrictions
Water restrictions are set by Seqwater in Queensland.
Water saving tips
Some tips on how you can save water and the environment
Water-efficient devices
Here, we provide a summary of the key water-saving devices you can install in your home.
Rainwater tanks
Installing a rainwater tank will help ease demands on town water supply.
Greywater is generated from the bath, shower, wash basin and laundry.
Bore water
Bore water can be used for domestic purposes instead of using drinking water.
    Saving Tips
  • Gardening Tip #1

    Save water in the garden by using plants that have low water needs.  Alternatively, group plants with similar watering needs together. Also, remove weeds from the garden; they are competing for water with your plants.