Doing business with Unitywater

Unitywater seeks to work with suppliers who are economically, environmentally and socially responsibly and support the long-term wellbeing of our community.

Procurement Policy

Unitywater is committed to the six principles of Procurement identified in the Queensland Procurement Policy

  1. Principle 1: We drive value for money in our procurement
  2. Principle 2: We act as ‘one company’, working together across Divisional boundaries to achieve savings and benefits
  3. Principle 3: We are leaders in procurement practice – we understand our needs, the market, our suppliers and have the capability to deliver optimal outcomes
  4. Principle 4: We use our procurement to advance Unitywater’s  economic, environmental and social objectives and support the long-term wellbeing of our community
  5. Principle 5: We have the confidence of stakeholders and the community in Unitywater’s management of procurement
  6. Principle 6: We undertake our procurement with integrity, ensuring accountability for outcomes.

Terms and Conditions

These may vary from time to time and suppliers should review Unitywater’s terms and conditions when accepting an order from us.

Unitywater Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF)


Unitywater publishes tendering opportunities through the Queensland Government’s QTenders website. Suppliers interested in providing goods or services to Unitywater should register with QTenders. Registering on the QTenders website will enable you to receive notifications of open invitations to offer that match your profile and will allow access invitation to offer documentation.

To view Unitywater's current, closed or awarded tenders use the quick links below:

  • Current tenders: Details of projects currently open for public tender for Unitywater
  • Closed tenders: Details of public tenders that are closed and under evaluation
  • Awarded tenders: Details of publically tendered awarded contracts

Suppliers interested in subcontracting to suppliers who have been awarded contracts with Unitywater should contact contracted suppliers directly to enquire about opportunities.  

Opportunities to subcontract include the following:

  • Contract: UW002271 - Facilities Management Agreement          
  • Services: Provision of facilities management services including planned and reactive including grounds maintenance, tree care, fencing, cleaning, sanitary, pest control, security, auto gates/doors/shutters, air conditioning, fire and general trades.
  • Contract duration: August 2013 - July 2016 (options up to 2019)
  • Contractor: Sodexo Australia Pty Ltd
  • Contact:  Jeff Lamont, Facilities Contract Manager

Invoice submission

Unitywater Accounts Payable, PO Box 953 Caboolture QLD 4510

Suppliers A - H & P - S (07) 5431 8304

Suppliers I - O & T - Z (07) 5431 8229 F: (07) 5431 8580

For more information contact Unitywater Procurement Branch, PO Box 953, Caboolture QLD 4510 or

Contractor Induction Portal

New contractors are required to complete our online induction




    Saving Tips
  • Watering Tip #2

    Save water in the garden by installing a rainwater tank or a bore to water your garden. Rainwater and bore water are not subject to water restrictions.