Forms and fact sheets

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Here you will find forms for doing business with us. These forms are in PDF format so please ensure you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your PC.






Forms A - D

Account Authority Request Form - F9762 (PDF)

Amendment request form - F9299 (PDF)

Application for certificate of completion form - F9374 (PDF)

Build over or near water supply or sewerage infrastructure application - F8684 (PDF)

Change of address or name - F8674 (PDF) or login to My Account.

Concealed Leak Allowance Request - F8669 (PDF) - used for 'Leak Rebate' application

Credit card payment authority - F8671 (PDF)

Company Account Authority Request Form (PDF)

Connection application form (not for standard connection) - F9293 (PDF)

Detailed Infrastructure Plan Request Form - F8530 (PDF) or login to My Account

Direct Debit request form - F9215 (PDF) or login to My Account


Forms E - R

Easement Terms Current Version - Standard Easement Terms Dealing 715221831 (PDF)

Easements - Application for easement encroachment - F10155 (PDF)

Easements - Taking of An Easement (PDF)

Hydraulic model pressure and flow information application - F8578 (PDF)

Infrastructure charges notice request form - F9763 (PDF)

Minor works variation request form - F9294 (PDF)Notice to the Water Service Provider - Installation of sub-meters - F8686 (PDF)

Pensioner Water Subsidy Request form - F8672 (PDF) 

Permission to access unit to read meter - F8673 (PDF)

Plumbers blocked sewer identification fee claim form - F8637 (PDF) - used for payment to licensed private plumbers for 'spotting' a blockage within Unitywater infrastructure (conditions apply)

Off-maintenance inspection form - F9298 (PDF)

Pre-start meeting request form - F9295 (PDF)

Property search application - F9248 (PDF) or login to My Account.

Request for provisional certificate of completion form - F9297 (PDF)

Right to information and information privacy access application (PDF)


Forms S - Z

Services advice notice request form - F9289 (PDF)

Sewerage volumetric charge adjustment application - F8635 (PDF) 

Sewerage Usage Review Process (Non Residential & Meter Networks) - Step 1 Application F9765 (PDF)

Sponsorship application form (PDF)

Standard connection request form - F9255 (PDF)

Statutory declaration (PDF)

Sub-meter installation to a new or existing development - F8685 (PDF)

Trade Waste - Application for Approval to Discharge Trade Waste to Sewer - F8678 (PDF) - used to apply for Trade Waste Discharge Permit

Trade Waste cancellation of approval permit form - F8681 (PDF)

Unitywater property search application - F9248 (PDF) or login to My Account.

Water Supply and Sewerage Services - Private Works Application (PDF) (F10001)

Water testing application - F8670 (PDF)  

Water usage record template (PDF)



F9289 - Services advice notice request form (PDF)

F9255 - Standard connection request form (PDF)

F9293 - Connection application form (not for standard connection) (PDF)

F9295 - Pre-start meeting request form (PDF)

F9294 - Minor works variation request form (PDF)

F9297 - Request for provisional certificate of completion form (PDF)

F9296 - On-maintenance inspection request (PDF)

F9374 - Application for certificate of completion form (PDF)

F9298 - Off-maintenance inspection form (PDF)

F9299 - Amendment request form(PDF)

F9763 - Infrastructure charges notice request form (PDF)


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A&C - Accreditation Deed (PDF)

A&C - Registration Deed Poll (PDF)


Accreditation Application - Accredited Entity Consulting Engineering Services (PDF)

Accreditation Application - Accredited Entity Contractor Construction Services (PDF)

Accreditation Application - Registered Certifier Construction Certifier (PDF)

Accreditation Application - Registered Certifier Major Connections Certifier (PDF)

Accreditation Application - Registered Certifier Minor Connections Certifier (PDF)


A&C - Amendment Request Form (PDF)

A&C - Connection Application Form (Not Standard Connection) (PDF)

A&C - Pre-Start Meeting Request Form (PDF)

A&C - Request for Certificate of Completion Form (PDF)

A&C - Request for Off-Maintenance Inspection Form (PDF)

A&C - Request for Provisional Certificate of Completion Form (PDF)

A&C - Variations Direction Form (PDF)


A&C - Certificate of Completion & On-Maintenance Checklist (PDF)

A&C - Connection Application Assessment Checklist (PDF)

A&C - Construction Audit Schedule (PDF)

A&C - Construction Inspection Report (PDF)

A&C - Design Assessment Checklist - Sewerage (PDF)

A&C - Design Checklist - Water Supply (PDF)

A&C - Off-Maintenance Field Inspection Checklist (PDF)

A&C - On-Maintenance Field Inspection Checklist (PDF)

A&C - Pre-Start Meeting Record (PDF)

A&C - Provisional Certificate of Completion Checklist (PDF)

A&C - Request for Off-Maintenance Certificate Checklist (PDF)

A&C - Works Completed Certification (PDF) 

Non-Conformance Checklists

A&C - Non-Conformance List - Connection Approval Assessment (PDF)

A&C - Non-Conformance List - Design Assessment Water  (PDF)

A&C - Non-Conformance List - Design Assessment Sewerage (PDF)

A&C - Non-Conformance List - Construction Assessment (PDF)

A&C - Non-Conformance List - Provisional Certificate of Completion Assessment (PDF)

A&C - Non-Conformance List - Certificate of Completion Assessment (PDF)

A&C - Non-Conformance List - Off-Maintenance (PDF)


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Asbestos fact sheet (PDF)

Acquisition of Freehold Land (PDF)

Buying a property fact sheet (PDF)

Check for leaks every 2 weeks / reading your water meter fact sheet (PDF)

Clearing blocked private sewer pipes fact sheet (PDF)

Credit card payment form changes: FAQs

Connection administration manual (PDF) 

Customer charter (PDF)

Customer information booklet (PDF)

Galvanised water pipes: are your old galvanised pipes corroding away? (PDF)

Guide to reading your bill (PDF)

Infrastructure: looking after your water and sewerage infrastructure (PDF)

Pressure Sewer System: Understanding your pressure sewer system (PDF)

Planting trees and shrubs: Are trees damaging your water supply and sewerage system? (PDF)

Potable water permitted uses checklist 2012 (PDF)

Property damage: A guide for property owners and tenants (PDF)

Recyled water residential users - Class A+ fact sheet (PDF)

Recycled water commercial and industrial users - classes A+/A/B/C/D fact sheet (PDF)

Recycled water carrier / tanker users - Class A+ recycled water fact sheet (PDF)

Recycled water carrier / tanker users - Class B recycled water fact sheet (PDF)

Recycled water terms of use fact sheet (PDF)

Recycled water residential users - Class A+ recycled water fact sheet (PDF)

Secondary Accommodation and second water meters (PDF)

Sewage overflows: How to help prevent sewage overflows on your property (PDF)

Sewage treatment plant performance summary 2010/11 (PDF)

Sub-Metering fact sheet (PDF)

Sub-Metering Information Kit (PDF)

Sub-Metering Policy (PDF)

Sub-Metering Policy Appendix 1 (PDF)

Sub-Metering Policy Appendix 2 (PDF)

Sub-Metering Technical Specification (PDF)

Trade waste search checklist (PDF)

Trade waste grease arrestor size guidelines (PDF)

Trade waste management fact sheet (PDF)

Trade waste management plan (PDF)

Trade waste moving towards user-pays fact sheet (PDF)

Trade waste pre-treatment facilities installation requirements fact sheet (PDF).

Vacuum sewer system: Understanding your vacuum sewer system (PDF)

Waste disposal: What are you putting down your drain? (PDF)

Water meter replacement fact sheet (PDF)

Water pressure and leakage management project fact sheet (PDF)

Water quality: Are you concerned with your water quality? (PDF)

Water supply: Clean drinking water doesn’t just fall from the sky (PDF)

Water Testing: Water testing and monitoring services (PDF)


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    Did You Know
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