Water supply

Unitywater is in the business of providing water supply and sewerage services to the Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast communities. Find out more about our water services in these pages.

Water meters
We will provide you with a water meter as part of a new connection service.
Water pressure
We monitor our water pump stations to ensure water is delivered at a consistent pressure.
Water leaks
Responsibilities for water leaks are dependant on where the leak occurs.
Water supply outages
We will notify you at least two days in advance if we plan to switch off your water supply for a maintenance or service reason.
Water quality
Our job is to ensure the water that enters your property is of the highest quality.
Recycled water
Unitywater supplies recycled water for a variety of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal uses.
Water Carrier Permits
A licence is required to operate a business as a carrier of either potable or recycled water.
Standpipe and Water Fill Station Access
You can hire a metered hydrant standpipe to draw bulk water from our town water supply.
Extracting water from creeks and rivers
Find out what to do if you want to extract water from a creek or river.
    Did You Know
  • Approximately one pool in every 20 has a leak! Even a minor leak can result in a major water loss.  Under pressure a tiny leak can lose more than 3000 litres a day.