Water supply outages

Planned outages

We will notify you at least 48 hours in advance of any planned works that will result in us switching off the water supply in your area.

Unplanned outages

Unfortunately, there are times where we have to act immediately in response to an emergency and we will not be able to give you prior notice that we are switching off the water supply (e.g. a burst water main).

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Usually, we will be able to fix the problem and have supply returned within a matter of hours. When water supply does return, we recommend you:

  • turn on your taps slowly – one at a time – to allow for any trapped air to escape (this can sometimes make a hammering sound);
  • leave the taps running until any discolouration clears;
  • avoid doing any washing until the discolouration has cleared; and
  • prevent wasting water by catching any discoloured water in a bucket to water your plants.

If your water supply has been off for longer than eight hours and there is no notice of current work on the home page of this website, please check the tap next to your water meter to see if it is turned off.

If your tap is on, and you have no water supply please contact us.


If your supply is switched off and you require water urgently, please call 1300 086 489.

Emergencies include:

  • sick or incapacitated people that need water to bathe, drink or run evaporated cooling on domestic premises only
  • dialysis patients that must dialyse
  • families with young children or babies that require water for preparation of feeding formula.
    Saving Tips
  • Watering Tip #5

    Save water by sweeping driveways, patios and paths instead of hosing.