Standpipe and Water Fill Station Access

There are a number of options for business customers needing access to potable or recycled water. These include access to a water fill station or metered hydrant standpipe.

Water Fill Station Access

Water fill stations are available for recycled water and potable water and permits are required to gain access to the fill station.

Find out more:

Potable water carrier permits           Recycled water carrier permits

Metered Hydrant Standpipes

Under certain circumstances a metered hydrant standpipe can be hired to draw bulk water from the town water supply. Use of Metered Hydrant Standpipes is strictly limited and availability is reserved for situations where no other option exists - access to a water fill station will need to be assessed before the hire of a standpipe can be considered.  Please see the Potable water permitted uses checklist (PDF).

At the time of application you will be required to tell us how long you require the standpipe for and what it will be used for. Depending on your use, more information may need to be supplied. We will advise you what size standpipe is appropriate for your activity.

How to apply

Hire and use of a standpipe requires a permit. The following documentation is required to be provided with your application:

  • Backflow certificate for any tankers listed on your application or as requested for high risk activities
  • Public Liability Insurance document (with a cover of no less than $20 million per claim)
  • Food business license issued by your local council (if applicable)
  • Copy of authorised personnel driver’s license
  • Standpipe operator training tickets issued by a recognised training provider (refer training organisations below)
  • A completed Water Hygiene Induction assessment form
  • If being used on a site - site plan of where and how the standpipe will be used.  Please indicate the intended hydrant location on site plan.

Metered Hydrant Standpipe Training Organisations

Before hiring a Metered Hydrant Standpipe, all operators are required to be trained in the safe operation of the equipment and obtain a training ticket from one of the organisations listed below.

  • Civil Construction Training Services (CCTS) Phone: 0410 549 838
  • Civil Train Queensland Phone: 07 3360 7933
  • PACCT Pty Ltd Phone: 0419 646 369

Water Hygiene Induction

We are certified to the food safety management standard ISO 22000.  An important component of the ISO 22000 standard is the implementation of a training and awareness program, which educates standpipe customers on their obligations under the management system.

Please download the awareness program document and assessment and arrange for your operators to read the information document and then complete the assessment form. Once completed please email the assessment with your application.

Receiving the Metered Hydrant Standpipe

  • You will be notified about the outcome of your application within 48 hours
  • Once approved we will email you the invoice for the standpipe security deposit. 
  • After payment is received and confirmed we will contact you to arrange an appointment to collect the standpipe from:
    • Southern Service Centre, 67 Weier Road, Morayfield
    • Northern Service Centre, Service Street, Maroochydore

Further Information

Please phone our Customer Service Team on 1300 086 489 or email  

Fees and Charges

 Standpipe Hire Unit 2016/17 Total Fee ($excl. GST)
Standpipe security deposit per standpipe $1,865.00
Metered Hydrant Standpipe - Monthly Hire Charge Month (or part thereof) $80.00
Metered Hydrant Standpipe – Consumption Per Kilolitre $4.081
Metered Hydrant Standpipe – Late Fee (meter reading) Month (or part thereof) $75.00*
Late Return Fee – Backflow certificate Late Return Fee – Backflow certificate Month (or part thereof) $80.00*

*GST is applicable to this fee when charged

    Did You Know
  • Approximately one pool in every 20 has a leak! Even a minor leak can result in a major water loss.  Under pressure a tiny leak can lose more than 3000 litres a day.