Damaged and faulty meters

If your meter is providing an unusually high (or low) reading it could be faulty or damaged.  

If you think your meter reading is unusually high, it is probably due to an internal leak. Please check for leaks. If you are sure there are no internal leaks and believe the meter itself is faulty, you can ask us to perform a calibration test on the meter.

Please contact us to report your damaged and faulty meter and we will send a field officer to investigate.

Upon investigation, we may replace your meter if:

  • the meter is physically damaged (e.g. run over, slashed by mower or slasher);
  • the meter parts are faulty or inaccurate and not recording water use correctly; and/or
  • it has other defects (e.g. cloudy glass).

The water meter will be replaced as soon as possible to maintain continuity of service and recording of consumption.

Calibration testing

If you would like to get us to perform a calibration test, simply complete the relevant application form below and submit your payment.  

Note: This fee will be refunded if the test results show the meter was faulty. Once we have received your payment, we will remove your meter and replace it with a new one. The old meter will be sent away for testing. If the results show the meter was faulty your water supply and sewerage account will be adjusted in accordance with the test results and these changes will be reflected on your next account.

Standard Services - 20mm/25mm: Standard Connection Request Form (PDF)                                                                                   

Non-Standard Services - 25mm and above: Water and Sewerage Supply Services - Private Works Application (PDF).

For non-standard meters we will respond with a written quote within 15 working days.  If you decide to proceed, simply pay the fee advised in the quote and we will then complete the calibration test within the specified timeframe.



    Saving Tips
  • Watering Tip #4

    Use the same water twice! Wash your car or boat on the lawn. This way your lawn gets watered while washing your car. For even greater water savings use a bucket of water instead of a hose.