Reservoir Artwork Program
To reduce graffiti and vandalism in the community, Unitywater is working to install murals on reservoirs and sewage pump stations.
Kallangur Water Tower
Kallangur Water Tower chosen for next artwork!
Useful resources for students and teachers including facts, figures, videos and lesson plans.
Guest speaker circuit
Unitywater representatives are available to speak at your event or community group.
Community partnerships
Unitywater partners with organisations that reflect our vision, values and corporate objectives.
Community Engagement
We regularly bring together a number of focus and interest groups to provide input and feedback on Unitywater activities.
Research and Development Program
Improving operations and environmental performance through innovation and sustainability.
Community Water Stations
Keep your cool and hire a Unitywater Back to Tap Van for your community event. Our Hydration Stations provide a vital service while increasing awareness of the benefits of tap water in the community.
Charities and causes
Unitywater supports a number of charities and causes
Unitywater sponsors a range of community initiatives to support the customers we serve and enhance the environment in which we operate.
World Water Day 2017 Competition
World Water Day Competition - Win a tour of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital with Robert Irwin for you and your family!
    Saving Tips
  • Pool Tip #1

    Cover your swimming pool to reduce evaporation. A pool cover can reduce evaporation losses by up to 90 per cent. Especially during a hot Queensland summer.