Putting the wrong things down your sink, drain and toilet can block and erode your pipes and cause sewage overflows. This can be extremely damaging to your property, inconvenient and expensive for you to repair.

These ‘nasties’ also flow into our public sewerage network and treatment plants, where they also cause blockages, overflows and harm to the environment, as well as being extremely expensive to treat and dispose of.

DON’T put these nasties down your sink, drain or toilet: coffee

        • Fats, oils or grease (from the kitchen or car)
        • Food scraps including egg shells, bones and cooked rice
        • Dairy products
        • Coffee grounds
        • Paper towel
        • Nappies
        • Feminine hygiene products


        • Contraceptive devices
        • Needles
        • Cotton buds
        • Prescription medication
        • Solvents, paint and turpentine
        • Chemicals, herbicides and pesticides
        • Plastics including food wrappers and apple stickers


DO dispose of household waste safely:sink

        • Scrape food scraps into the rubbish bin before washing dishes
        • Use a sink strainer to prevent food scraps from going down the drain
        • Pour cooking oil and fats into a jar, seal and dispose of in the rubbish bin
        • Use paper towel to soak up residual cooking oil in pots and pans before washing them
        • Place used nappies, feminine hygiene products, contraceptive devices and cotton buds in the rubbish bin

By following these simple guidelines, you can help save the environment, reduce treatment costs and defer the need for expensive upgrades to our sewerage network – which ultimately affects the sewerage access fees you pay on your account.

    Did You Know
  • Installing a water efficient 4 star rated showerhead will reduce the flow from 20 litres per minute to 9 litres per minute.