Water quality


Unitywater receives treated drinking water from the state-owned bulk water supplier, Seqwater (For more information on water treatment, visit the Seqwater website). 

Our task at Unitywater is to provide safe drinking water to your tap that meets government legislation and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Water quality monitoring programs are in place to confirm the quality of your drinking water through the entire supply chain – from catchment to consumer.

Water Quality Issues

There are a number of reasons why your water might look, taste or smell unusual. The following tips provide an overview of some issues that may occur, and how you can deal with them; however, if the issue persists please contact us.

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Other water quality topics

What’s in my water?

Unitywater publishes  Drinking Water Quality Annual Reports, which contains additional information you may find useful. These reports contain detailed water quality information by scheme (and it includes a list of suburbs).



Unitywater consistently meets national water quality targets, as detailed in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011. You can read more about water quality by downloading our latest Drinking Water Quality Management Plan Annual Report.


Are you concerned with your water quality - Fact Sheet (PDF)

OP10033 - Drinking Water Quality Policy Statement (PDF)

    Saving Tips
  • Pool Tip #4

    Carefully select plants for around swimming pool to protect it from wind. Wind increases the amount of water lost to evaporation.