Unitywater is in the business of providing water supply and sewerage services to the Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast communities. Find out more about our sewerage and trade waste services in these pages.

Sewerage connections
Unitywater can assist you with sewerage connections, disconnections or re-locations.
Altering a manhole
We sometimes need to raise or lower a manhole to keep them level with the ground.
Blocked sewers
If sinks are not draining properly, you may have a block in your property's sewerage system.
Sewage overflows
With heavy rain or flooding, sewage may discharge through overflow infrastructure.
Motorhome and Caravan Dump Points
There are several motorhome and caravan wastewater disposal dump points in the Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast regions.
Trade waste
Find out more about our trade waste services.
Sewage Treatment Plant Performance
Annual Sewage Treatment Plant Performance Summary
Think At The Sink
Putting the wrong things down your sink, drain and toilet can block and erode your pipes and cause sewage overflows.
Don't be a Loonatic
Around 2.5 billion people in the world, don’t have access to a safe, clean toilet. That means 40% of the world’s population are disposing of their waste in open spaces, contaminating water, food sources and living spaces.
Watch our blockage video
What should and should not be flushed! Unitywater spends almost $3 million each year clearing blockages from the sewerage network.
    Did You Know
  • Installing a water efficient 4 star rated showerhead will reduce the flow from 20 litres per minute to 9 litres per minute.