Reservoir Artwork Program




NEWS!  Kallangur Water Tower chosen for next artwork site!

In a bid to prevent future graffiti and enhance the appearance of our sites, we are working with our communities to create murals on highly visible reservoirs and sewage pump stations.

The Kallangur Water Tower located on Anzac Avenue will be the next site to be transformed with a community-driven artwork. Click here for more information.


Community-driven designsArtist

Our public artworks are designed and painted with community input through the following process:

  • Community members provide input to the design’s theme, content and style
  • Their form a community-driven design brief to guide the artwork development
  • Public art agency prepares multiple concepts in line with the brief 
  • Community members vote on final design
  • The artwork is installed by a professional agency

Deterring graffiti, enhancing environments

Since June 2012 there have been over 330 recorded incidents on graffiti on our infrastructure. The cost of removing graffiti can be as much as $1500 each time, and repainting with a single colour arguably provides another blank canvas for further graffiti. By contrast, our community murals have been created with the support of neighbouring residents and graffiti artists alike, making them less likely to be tagged again. This makes murals a cost-efficient solution that enhance the appearance of our neighbourhoods.

Unitywater’s community mural program has successfully reduced the rate of graffiti on highly visible reservoirs by working hand in hand with the community to design and paint works of art that now deter vandalism.


In late 2015, the local community surrounding Pt Cartwright Reservoir shared their ideas on what kind of artwork they wished to see on the reservoir, helping to create a design brief for one of the region’s largest public artworks.

View the resulting artworks below

Point Cartwright Flipbook Picture

In early 2016, the broader Sunshine Coast community was invited to cast a vote to determine the final artwork.  The winning design, Subsurface by Joel Fergie captured more than half the community vote and was installed in just three weeks by Jugglers Art Space in March 2016.

Peregian Beach Reservoir

Peregian Beach Reservoir 2015

Point Cartwright Reservoir

Pt Cartwright Reservoir 2015

Caloundra Reservoir

Caloundra Reservoir, 2014

Ferny Hills Reservoir

Ferny Hills Reservoir, 2013

    Did You Know
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