Sunshine Coast 2012-13 pricing

The table below is an overview of annual customer accounts for the Sunshine Coast (northern) region.

Sunshine Coast region - Annual Charges 2012-13

Sunshine Coast Residential - Water Unit Price
Fixed Water Access Charges Per year $232.04
  Per day $0.636
Water Usage Tier 1: 0-600 L/day Per kL (1000L) $0.538
Water Usage Tier 2: above 600 L/day Per kL (1000L) $1.036
State Government Bulk Water Charge** Per kL (1000L) $1.610
Sewerage Unit Price
Fixed Sewerage Access Charges# Per year $570.80
  Per day $1.56








* For residential property 01/07/2012 - 30/06/2013.
** State Government Bulk Water price to be confirmed.
# Price may vary depending on property and access/ connection type.
Details are correct at time of printing 29/06/2012.

    Saving Tips
  • Gardening Tip #1

    Save water in the garden by using plants that have low water needs.  Alternatively, group plants with similar watering needs together. Also, remove weeds from the garden; they are competing for water with your plants.