FAQs: credit card payment form changes

What is changing?
We have updated our forms to remove the sections that ask you to write down your credit card details when selecting this payment option.

These sections have been replaced with a request for your contact details so that we can safely source your credit card information over a secure phone line.

Why have we changed this process?
There are strict rules around credit card processing and Unitywater must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

This particular change has been made to further protect our customers’ credit card information, reduce the risk of potential fraud or theft and to enhance our compliance with industry data security standards.

It means we will not store, receive or electronically transfer any of our customers’ credit card details. This reduces the risk of this sensitive information being intercepted and used for fraudulent purposes.

When will I be contacted on the phone?
As soon as possible after we receive your form. For the majority of customers, this will be within seven days of receiving your form. For some other development services forms, this timeframe may be longer.

How can I be sure that my credit card details are safe over the phone?
Unitywater has installed secure phone lines especially for these types of calls to customers.

Processing a credit card payment over a secure phone line means these card details are not recorded in writing anywhere. The staff member processing the payment will not write them down, but will only enter them into a payment machine.

How can I be sure it is Unitywater calling me?
The staff member will introduce themselves as being from Unitywater and complete the transaction while you are on the line.

You can check your credit card statement after completing the phone call. The transaction will be visible on your credit card account statement, showing as a pending transaction and clearly identifying UNITYWATER in the transaction detail.

Will I receive a receipt?
Yes. After we process your payment over the phone, we will ask you if you wish to receive the payment receipt by email or post.

Does this mean information previously sent in on written forms is not secure?
Unitywater has all the required security and data procedures in place to ensure we comply with the Information Privacy Act and to safely store and protect our customers’ personal information. This change further improves this security and provides another layer of protection for our customers.

What if I don’t want to pay using this method?
Alternative payment methods include:
by cheque sent to PO Box 953, Caboolture QLD 4510 OR
• in person at Unitywater reception at either Ground Floor, 33 King St Caboolture or 6-10 Maud St Maroochydore.

You can also create a Sundry account which will enable you to use My Account to make online requests and payments for selected Unitywater services such as detailed infrastructure plans, search certificates and standard connections requests. Setting up a Sundry account takes just a few minutes. Please call our Customer Service team on 1300 086 489 to arrange this. More information about My Account here.

What if Unitywater cannot get me on the phone?
Staff will do their best to contact you. If we cannot reach you and you have voicemail, we will leave you a message with a number to call us back.

Why can’t I just email my credit card details?
This would create a record of these details that could be intercepted and misused.

Data security standards state that using email to provide credit card details electronically is not in the best interests of the customer (unless special data encryption is used).

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